Competitions 2016-18

English Championships 2016

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English Championships 13/03/2016
We took 9 Students to The TAGB English Championships on Sunday.
The event was packed with over 1,500 students competing from all over the country.
We proudly continued our record of bringing back trophies from every competition attended
since the club opened in 2006 with 6 Gold, 3 Bronze and one Silver.
Christine picked up Gold in Sparring, Gold in team sparring and Bronze in patterns. Piers picked up Gold in patterns and Bronze in sparring. Michael won Bronze in sparring and Gold in team sparring. Tyha won Gold in sparring. Suli won Silver in team sparring, Angie won Gold in team sparring. Julie and John did Umpire duties.Well done to everyone who competed or umpired.
For me the most exciting events of the day were the red belt ladies sparring and Patterns divisions.
In Patterns Angie and Christine had to perform their pattern 4 times before the final placings were decided.
In Red belt Middleweight sparring Christine blitzed her opponents with a non stop barrage of punches and kicks resulting in a well earned gold.
We now have 3 British Champions in Piers , Tyha and Christine to add to out previous successes this year. Tyha is now current English, Midlands and British sparring Champion as well as Scottish patterns Champion.

Competing students
Michael Barford: Mens Blue/Red Belt Middleweight Executive Sparring and Patterns
Piers Barford: Cadet Lightweight. Sparring and Patterns
Angie Margrie: Executive Ladies Blue/Red Sparring and Patterns
Christine Abbot: Ladies Middleweight red belt Sparring and Patterns
Tyha Curry: Ladies blue belt Sparring and Patterns
Cerys O’Connor: Girls Black belt Sparring and Patterns
Suliman Khan: Boys Green belt lightweight Sparring and Patterns
Suzanne Wolfe: Ladies Black belt Patterns
William Mendham: Mens Black belt Patterns and breaking
John and Julie performed Umpire duties on the day