Competitions 2016-18

World Championships 2016

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Venue: Barclaycard Arena Birmingham 16/07/2016

Competing students
Harry Fuller: Mens yellow belt sparring and patterns
Robert Nimmo: Mens yellow belt sparring
Tyha Currie: Ladies blue belt patterns and sparring
Christine Abbott: Ladies red belt sparring and patterns

3,720 students, hundreds of officials, medics and welfare officers descended on Birmingham for the 11th open World Championships. The spectator support was also amazing with many thousands watching on both days.
With dozens of countries competing this was the biggest Taekwon-do World Championships to date.

Every one of our students did the club proud and we were oh so close to having 2 World champions.In the end we had to be content with 3 Silver medals. Christine for sparring and patterns and Tyha for sparring.
Julie was our only official and spent 2 days in Birmingham even though we had no students on the Sunday competing.

The next competition is likely to be this space.