Competitions 2016-18

English Championships 2017

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We took just 8 student to the English Championships on 12th March with over 1,300 students competing overall.
We came home with 3 Silver and 5 Bronze trophies.

Competing students:
Sophie Johnson: Girls black belt pee wee sparring.
Maddi Davenport Handley: Girls Green belt lightweight sparring and patterns.
Emma Tyrrell: Girls yellow belt Pee wee sparring and patterns.
William Mendham: Black belt patterns and breaking.
Michael Barford: Black belt Executive sparring and patterns.
Peter Slomczynski: Yellow belt heavyweight sparring and patterns.
Oliver Slomczynski: Boys Yellow belt Pee wee sparring and patterns.
Cheryl Preston Ladies Executive Green belt sparring and patterns.

Sophie won Silver in Girls Pee wee Black belt sparring
Chelyl came back from 5-0 down to win Silver 9-7 in Ladies Executive sparring.
Emma and Maddi won Bronze in the team yellow/green sparring.
Maddi won Silver and Bronze and Emma won Bronze in the girls reaction speed test.
The reaction speed test is a new event and measures your reaction time and speed against a pad using hand and foot techniques.

Peter was just off the medals in patterns with 4th place and unfortunately had to retire in his second fight after a kick to the ribs.
William made it though to the 2nd round of the destruction event after breaking a black board with a knifehand strike.
Well done to all students who competed or officiated at this event.
A special well done goes to our female competitors who all picked up at least one trophy showing girl power is not dead.