Midlands Championships 2018

The first competition of 2018 saw us take 28 students to Kettering for the Midlands Championships on Feb 4th.`
9 of the 28 students were competing for the very first time.
The first competition of the year is always highly anticipated and well attended. This year there were over 900 students competing.
By 3pm. when the competition finished we had come away with 2 Gold, 7 Silver and 8 Bronze.

Tony Park: Bronze in mens heavyweight blue belt Sparring and Bronze in patterns. Peter Slomczynski: Silver in heavyweight blue belt sparring and another Silver in the hand Strike mate event
Cheryl Preston: Silver in ladies light/heavy blue belt sparring.
Suliman Khan: Silver in boys Red belt lightweight sparring.
Robert Anderson: Silver in boys yellow belt middleweight sparring.
Gabriel Ion: Bronze in boys heavyweight yellow belt sparring.
Barry Heenan: Bronze in mens heavyweight yellow belt sparring.

Team sparring: Josh Gold, Maddi Silver, Maisie Bronze

Ultimate striker:Morgan: Gold {Foot}, Chris Bronze {Foot}, Peter Silver {Hand}
Oliver Slomczynski: Bronze in Hand and Foot

Other students competing:
Colin Mowatt.Nick Chapman,Matt Howard,Christine Abbott,Daniel Brett,Edward Anderson,Moses Brett,Lee Pocklington
George Biggnall,Michelle Bignall,Leon Manning,Rebecca Hawkins,Marcin Cader,Kasper Cader,Steve Tribe.

Performing officials duties on the day:
John Anderson, Julie Taylor, Cerys O'Connor,Will Chisholme,Angie Mitchell.

We had our best results to date in this competition continuing our success of having medalled in every competition entered since the club started in 2006

It was great see so many students competing and gaining valuable experience. With the English and World Championships not too far away we can look forward to another successful year.